Social Media Marketing Pricing


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Our Social Media Marketing package is a turnkey digital marketing solution that handles everything from ideation of your content calendar to optimizing your boosted post campaigns

We use hyper-targeted audiences on Facebook to reach users who are most susceptible to what you're advertising.

See your content and suggest revisions before they get published to your profiles. We provide a fresh content calendar every month

  • Facebook is the biggest social media network that sits at 2.2 billion monthly active users

  • Over 50 million businesses are active on the social media to engage with their target audience and build a tribe that stands behind you their brand

  • More than 450 million people shop on social media networks every single day.


  • A Complete Ideation to Execution Cycle

    Turnkey social media service that handles everything from ideation of your content calendar to optimizing your boosted post campaigns

  • Advanced Targeting

    Hyper-targeted audiences on Facebook to reach users who are most susceptible to what you're advertising

  • Easy Revision Process

    See your content and suggest revisions before they get published to your clients' profiles

  • Content Added Every Month

    Fresh content calendar every month, 5 days before your next cycle starts

  • Reporting

    Monthly reports with recommendations: Social Media Assessment, Social Media Content Plan, Social Media Insights

    Scope of Work

  • Recommended Campaign Length: 3 Months

  • Profile Setup & Management: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn

  • Number Of Posts Per Month: 8

    • Published on Facebook, Cross-posted on Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Maximum Boosts Per Month: 8

    • Content will run as sponsored posts with placements on

      • Facebook

      • Instagram

      • Messenger

      • Facebook's Audience Network

  • Available Objectives:

    • Page Promotion

    • Brand Awareness

    • Traffic, Engagement

    • Lead Generation

  • Number of Hyper-targeted Audiences: Up to 5

    ***Please note, this Social Media Monthly Package does not include paid promotions budget for boosted posts. We recommend an additional minimum of $100.00USD for the purposes of boosting posts

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Timeline & Deliverables


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Social Media Playbook Creation:

  • Competitor Research

  • Response Track

  • Audience Targeting

  • Budget Recommendation

  • Brand Persona

  • Audience Persona

  • Communication Guidelines

  • Content Strategy

Facebook (Creation and/or Optimization):

  • Custom URL

  • Page Categories

  • Professionally Designed Profile Picture

  • Professionally Designed Cover Photo

  • Contact Details

  • Page Call-to-Action Button

  • About Page & Professionally Designed Story Graphic

  • Page Template

  • Auto Responder Setup

  • Default Facebook Pixel code setup (using client's ad account)

  • Creation of 2 Unique Audiences

Twitter (Creation and/or Optimization):

  • Professionally Designed Profile Picture

  • Professionally Designed Header Image

  • Twitter Bio and Contact Details Update

  • Crossposting of Content with Optimized Captions

  • Inclusion of Relevant Hashtags

LinkedIn (Creation and/or Optimization):

  • Professionally Designed Profile Picture

  • Professionally Designed Banner

  • About Page Update

  • Crossposting of Content 

Content Creation:

  • 2 Images to be published to your profiles and will also run as ads for Page Promotion and Brand Awareness

  • Insights Creation 


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Social Media Content Plan:

  • Communication Guidelines

  • Updating Facebook page (as needed)

    • Contact Details

  • Creation of 8 unique images to be posted organically

    • 1 post will run as a Page Promotion ad

    • 5 posts will run as ads optimized for Engagement

    • 2 posts will run as an ad optimized for one of the following objectives:

      • Brand Awareness

      • Lead Generation

      • Traffic

    • Creation of up to 5 unique audiences

    • Crosspost of Facebook organic posts on Twitter and LinkedIn

    • Social Media Insights

Our Methodology


Channel Audit

This covers how your channels are currently performing and recommendations on how to further optimize the


Social Media Playbook

Through advanced targeting systems, we identify and segment your target audience based on the demographics, behaviors, and interests you specify. After determining your audience size, we recommend a budget that will be allocated for boosting your posts, scheduling your ads, and promoting your page. Based on your website, brand guidelines, and intake form, we will create a strategy that will serve as the basis for content to be posted on your social media accounts. The playbook will consist of the following: brand and design guidelines for the social media posts, buyer personas, a content strategy, and banners optimized for your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. A workflow process will also be proposed and observed within the cycle.


Social Media Calendar

Your calendar will include posts and Facebook ads complete with graphics, captions, and copies based on the approved playbook. Posts will be boosted while Facebook ads will be scheduled during the cycle. The proposed budget allotment will be applied to expand reach and awareness across the Social Media platforms.


Reporting and Analytics

We invest heavily in technology to provide you with monthly reporting. It reports how your channels performed in the previous month and pinpoints which area should be further optimized. Reports will also contain recommendations submitted for your approval. Once approved, those recommendations will be applied the next month.

Client Requirements

Below are the key access requirements we need to effectively start the campaign. Here are the access requirements:

Existing Profiles:

  • Completed Intake form

  • Access to your current Facebook and LinkedIn profiles

  • Twitter credentials

New Profiles:

  • Completed Intake form

  • Twitter: preferred email address and password

  • LinkedIn: e-mail address of your company page and password

  • Facebook: preferred Facebook name and username