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EZJ Online is a full service videography and post-production company in Albuquerque that specializes in producing material that compels, excites, and motivates viewers with a lasting impression. Ethan’s goal is to create a timeless record of your event through a contemporary and natural style of videography, packed with real moments and emotions.

About Your Videographer:


I'm a filmmaker based out of Albuquerque, and I love what I do. Just about 3 years ago I discovered the art of photography and cinematography as a way of storytelling, and I knew this would be the next form of art that I would challenge myself to master. I love evoking emotion in viewers, capturing the details, and I live for that gratifying feeling of a video being viewed by people all over the world.

My passion for videography has opened many doors to working with all kinds of businesses, capturing moments and turning them into unforgettable experiences. I believe this hobby of videography to be one of the most rewarding careers; giving me the opportunity to produce new and exciting edits for various clients.

Your business is incredibly important, obviously - and it is my goal as your videographer to capture it in it’s best light. In other words, it is my duty, obligation, and responsibility to make your business look even BETTER on film. 

Language Elements

  1. FAA Certified - Required certification for an individual to pilot a drone. It is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a branch of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

  2. Aspect Ratio - Refers to the relation between the width and height of the video. These dimensions are expressed through a ratio.

  3. B-Roll - Supplemental footage that makes a previously incongruent scene transition to another.

  4. Frame Rate - The speed that your shutter opens and closes to allow the camera’s sensor to capture video in a 1 second period. Frame rate is expressed through frames per second (fps).

  5. Resolution - Refers to the actual number of horizontal and vertical pixels your video contains.

  6. Storyboard - drawings that illustrate all of the scenes in a production. They are an organized and sequential way of visualizing what needs to be shot on camera.

  7. The Rule of Thirds - A helpful grid to keep in mind when shooting since it makes your composition aesthetically pleasing. Imagine a tic-tac-toe board aligned directly over your image. The grid looks like a tic-tac-toe board because it separates the image into 9 separate sections to align the subject with.

  8. Three - Point Lighting - 3 lights are set up to mitigate the majority of shadows and balance the image to contain enough contrast. The 3 lights are commonly called fill, key, and backlights.

  9. Compression - The process of reducing the size of data in a video file. This makes the uploading and downloading processes for your video much quicker. This allows for more storage and quicker play times.

  10. White Balance - Refers to the whites in an image truly being the color white. The process of gathering the accurate colors for the light that is available in a given shot.

Videography Services

EZJ Online offers a range of Albuquerque videography services that include on-site cinematography, aerial coverage, and visual post production services to create stunning feature films and highlight reels. Book EZJ Online for videography services that include but are not limited to:

Albuquerque Event Videography Services | EZJ Online

Event Videography

Event videos are a great way to promote local events or happenings and can be used on multiple mediums.

Albuquerque Drone Videography Services | EZJ Online

Drone Videography

Incorporating professional drone footage in our videos always contributes to the unique and professional impression. We are FAA Certified, meaning we can legally operate a drone in the production of our video!

Albuquerque Animation Videography Services | EZJ Online

Animation Videography

Animation and whiteboard explainer videos are an effective way for any business to get their message across in an engaging way.

Albuquerque Social Media Videography Services | EZJ Online

Social Media Videography

Use video in your social media marketing campaigns to boost engagement, relevance, and social shares! Making the next viral video doesn’t have to be as hard as it’s set out to be. It’s all a numbers game!

Albuquerque Youtube Videography Services | EZJ Online

Youtube Videography

Any business can benefit from Youtube videos by expanding their reach and increasing brand awareness.

Albuquerque Website Videography Services | EZJ Online

Website Videography

Videos on websites dramatically increase user retention and overall website effectiveness. Convey your brand’s message through any form of videography!

The Videography Process

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a great marketing video or commercial? Here’s how our videography services are performed:

Producing Your Video In 4 Simple Steps

  1. Research & Preparation: We start the video production process by determining the goals and function of the video, where it will be promoted, and who the projected viewers are. Once we determine whether the video is going to be captivating, convincing, educational, or insightful, we move to the second phase where we’ll be writing and planning out the shots for the video.

  2. Storyboard & Shot List: To have a clear idea of how some of the key shots will appear, we’ll create a visual interpretation with still images or drawings. After our videography storyboards are complete, we start familiarizing ourselves with the location, people, light, actors, event schedule…etc.

  3. Shooting & Production: At last! It’s time to shoot some epic video. With the help of state of the art videography and audio recording equipment, we can capture almost any shot needed from the air to the ground. We have stabilizers, cameras, drones, and mic’s to increase the quality of videography we represent.

  4. Editing & Delivery: Once we’ve shot everything we need to make your video production project is a success, it’s time to create the final product. EZJ Online has commercial videography editing and post production tools to insure we can crank through any project to meet a given deadline. Once we complete the final cut of your videography project, after any revisions, our secure client portal website allows for easy approval, payment, and movie file download.

    Albuquerque Video Production In 2019

    Videography is an extremely effective way to engage with your customers in 2019. EZJ Online works hard and strives for excellence in creativity and technical skills in each videography production.

Recent Projects

Tell Your Story Through Videography

Videography as a whole isn’t just about shooting and editing footage. When done correctly, a video can express a client’s or brand’s unique selling proposition. We address who the intended audience is and what emotions or ideas we want them to be impacted by from the video. We focus on bringing our clients vision into a reality for every Albuquerque videography project. Ethan and his team will do whatever it takes to produce a video that matches the client’s visions.

Book EZJ Online For Video Production Services In Albuquerque

Ready to create your next stunning video? We believe you’ll have a releviating and enjoyable experience in working with us to produce it together. Our number one priority is listening closely to our client. If your industry is one we are not well immersed in, we will familiarize ourselves in order to understand exactly what your company or organization stands for, and how we can best convey that through videography.

We respect our clients, and we believe your experience in working with us is just as important as the quality of our work.

Choosing your video package is easy with up-front pricing and no hidden costs. Let’s connect so we can build you your custom videography package.