PPC Large: $1,100/Mo



Lower your costs and increase your conversions on Google Adwords & Facebook Ads with our expert PPC management services that are designed for real results.

Each pay per click advertising campaign is built according to thorough market research our team performs to find keywords with the highest search volume, lowest competition, and the most buyer’s intent.


We’ve built PPC campaigns for a number of different businesses participating in various local, national, and industry niches. This has given our PPC experts the experience and confidence to consistently develop attractive campaigns that convert for our clients.

Service Details

Each PPC Package includes:

  • Budget Range: $5,000 (minimum) to $10,000 (maximum)

  • Platforms

    • Google Search Network

    • Bing

    • Google Display Network (Including Remarketing)

    • Facebook

  • Set-Up Fee: None

  • Monthly Fee: $1,100

  • Estimated Search Clicks: 833

  • Estimated Search Impressions: 27,778

  • Est Display + Remarketing Clicks: 600

  • Est Display + Remarketing Impressions: 200,000

  • Est Facebook Clicks: 375

  • Est Facebook Impressions: 41,667

  • Keywords: Up to 70

  • Ad Groups: Up to 30

  • Ad Texts Created: 12

  • Reporting: Monthly & Weekly

  • Bid Optimization: Twice a Week (if needed)

  • Project Manager Consultation: Weekly

  • Google My Business (if needed): Yes

    • Location Targeting: Yes

  • Banner Ads Creation: Yes

  • Landing Page Optimization & Setup: Yes

  • Thank You Page Creation & Google Analytics Set UP: Yes

  • GTM Installation + Event Setup: Yes

  • Enhanced Ecommerce Setup For Shopify or Wordpress: Yes

  • Free landing page analysis

    • Your landing page is your best friend when it comes to appealing to prospective buyers online. We perform multiple split tests on landing pages to find which landing pages achieve the desired conversions and which do not perform to our standards.

  • Custom dashboard integration

    • As an agency that focuses on letting the client see the value in our work, we’ve developed a campaign monitoring system for clients to see real time data on campaign progress, traffic, conversions and much more. To see a demo, click this link and use username: demo@demo.com password: demo

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 12.17.09 PM.png


By analyzing your business and marketing goals, we would utilize the most appropriate extensions to boost the performance of your campaign and attract the right visitors to your site.

  • Search Marketing Platform: Yes

  • Google Display Network: Yes

  • Remarketing: Yes

  • Facebook: Yes

  • LinkedIn: Yes

  • Text Ads: Yes

  • Banner Ads Creation: 1 set x 5 sizes

    • 300x250,728x90,320x100,468x60,300x600

Ad Extensions

Extensive research at the start of the campaign allows us to understand your business and use the right keywords tied with the best ad text to optimize your campaign. All keywords and text only published upon your approval.

  • App Extensions

  • Call Extensions

  • Location Extensions

  • Review Extensions

  • Sitelink Extensions

  • Callout Extensions

Search Campaign Setup

Keyword Research: 10 hours

  • Daily Budget Set-up

  • Ad Scheduling

  • Campaign Structuring

  • Ad Copy Creation

  • Ad Extensions

  • Set-up Report

Search Campaign Management

For branding and Remarketing campaigns, we recommend Google Display Network.

Bid Optimization: Thrice a Week

  • Auditing

  • Bidding

  • Ad Copy Test

  • Ad Extension Management

  • Keyword Management

  • Negative Keywords

  • Report Analysis

  • Report Generation: Weekly and Monthly

Google Display Network, Gmail, and Remarketing


  • Banner Ads

  • Gmail : 300x300 Banner + Text Ad copy + Keyword list / Email list

  • Text Ads: Free ( 2 Ad copy revision only)

  • Responsive Ads:  Banner + Text Ad copy



  • Single Image Ad format: image (1,200 x 628 px), copy (Text: 90 char / Headline: 25 char / Link description: 30 char), Ratio: 1.91:1

  • Video Ad Format: Please contact your Product Manager