Want to know more about EZJ Online?

EZJ Online is an Albuquerque (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Agency that specializes in helping local business owners use their website to acquire more targeted customers to their business with Local SEO, Organic SEO, and other digital marketing strategies.. After working with numerous types of businesses and running several different marketing campaigns, we’ve been able to gather the most frequently asked questions by our clients.

How Do You Price Your Services?

Unlike other “run-of-the-mill” marketing agencies, we try to work with almost any given budget. We give base prices for our digital marketing packages, but when it all comes down to pricing a project, it depends on the type of business, their pre-existing online footprint, and what their goals are. EZJ Online will perform an audit where we can see your preexisting search engine rankings and social media presence compared to your competitors how exactly they are or aren’t out performing you in areas where you could improve in and then dominate. Since the results of our audit and your path to achieving success is unique, we encourage people to get a pricing quote since the price is based off those unique results.

Do you require us to sign an agreement?

Digital marketing results are observed over long periods of time. Although we offer website development and graphic design, most of our services are long term marketing campaigns that exceed a months time. Our marketing campaigns usually range from 3 months to 1 year. If your company is not ready to make such a commitment, don’t worry, we get it! We highly encourage you to reconsider us in the future when your ready to kick your digital marketing campaign into high gear. We use recurring payment plans hosted by Stripe and Paypal with no written contract. All relevant information is in EZJ Online’s disclaimer

Why Should We Hire Your Agency Instead of Others?

EZJ Online stands out from the crowd of other digital marketing agencies in Albuquerque because of our overly competitive work ethic in driving success for our clients and our own business. Each of our digital marketing projects have served clients in some way to acquire more visibility a reach which we pride ourselves on since that is the first step in acquiring new customer online. Our agency implements the same strategies to grow our clients businesses that we use to grow own own. That is because we practice what we preach. Our team at EZJ Online is a group of highly skilled digital marketing specialists that have years of experience in the industry. We stay abreast of the trends so that your campaign receives optimal results.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization helps guide the public to your website and helps convert them into clients. We simplify the evolving landscape of SEO to help you attract web visitors and driving sales and your brand.

What does local SEO mean?

Local SEO (search engine optimization) is a marketing strategy that involves increasing a given business’s website and business listing in Google Search results. Prospects are searching for local businesses in Albuquerque every day and these pre-qualified customers are free if you can get them to find your website and local business listings. Furthermore, when we optimize a website to appear in local Albuquerque searches, the changes last forever…unlike Pay Per Click campaigns where the minute it’s turned off, the pipeline to customers vanishes. When done properly, a local SEO campaign, has the power to transform businesses and massively upsize their local online presence.

How do I choose website developers?

  1. Set a budget

  2. Get their website development pricing

  3. Ask about any fees and upfront deposits

  4. Look at what past website development projects look like. Our web design portfolio

  5. Ask for client retention rate

  6. Ask who will manage your project

  7. Ask about other customer benefits

  8. See if they offer multiple design revisions

  9. See if they’ll relocate your server for SEO purposes

  10. Set strict, attainable criteria with hard deadlines

How long does it take to finish the website development?

Our website development packages is completed within three weeks. This assumes that all the requirements are provided immediately and that we are able to provide revisions and QA quickly.

Does this include hosting?

Our website development service covers the website build and the site's launch as well as 20 days of support post launch. Name registry, hosting, and server costs are not included in the rate of this service. However, we would be more than happy to suggest a few hosting providers that provide great products and quality customer support.

What technologies does EZJ use to build websites?

We prefer Wordpress because most of our custom themes are built with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP. All our themes also use Page Builders which allow our clients to easily build pages, with unlimited layouts, through a drag and drop user interface, without the need for coding knowledge.

Why Wordpress?

Our Web Development services are designed for WordPress content management system (CMS) because:

  • Wordpress is the most flexible and easiest to use open-source content management system, with worldwide community support.

  • Wordpress has themes with responsive web design that provide optimal user experience across devices so that users navigate the website with minimal resizing and load time.

Wordpress dashboards use page builders that: provide a drag and drop interface; allow easy creation of responsive column-based content; and, have more than five pre-designed widgets , e.g. Galleries, Testimonial, Blog Feed and many more

Do your website development packages come with SEO?

We will build your site based on architecture that's optimized for SEO. Most website clients are encouraged to move into an SEO campaign after the development of their website is completed.

Where will you build my website?

We build your site on our own servers first and would only upload to your own website after the Final Q&A and revision session.

How many changes can I make before incurring additional costs?

We offer two revision points for website development projects. First is after the first week of development where we have already created a live site of your website based on the mockups and specifications the client approved of. Last is after the second week of development where we present the site itself for any last minute revisions.

Can I get access to my website while in development?

We only provide access during the first touch point and at the last revision before we upload to your hosting. Our developers work with the site directly and we want to ensure that we would not encounter any issues in developing your site related to multiple IP access during development.

How much does a website cost?

Website design and development project costs vary greatly on the complexity and amount of content written on the site. We’ve built (and ranked) one-page sales funnels for $150 and professional WordPress websites anywhere from $800 to $1,800 each.

How would you build a website for my small businesses?

  1. Define the initial purpose of the website

  2. Decide on a domain name

  3. Choose a web host (we recommend BlueHost)

  4. Develop webpages and take necessary photos

  5. Set up payment gateways if customers purchase things on your site

  6. Test and publish website

  7. Market your website on social media and search engines

  8. Maintain site for optimal performance and maintenance.

What website development platforms do you use?

  • Shopify

  • WordPress

  • ClickFunnels

  • Squarespace

What are the steps involved in creating a business website?

  • Set a lucrative goal

  • Write unique content

  • Convey mission statement clearly

  • Express what you can provide for customers

  • Use unique selling proposition and call to action

  • Have a strong website page hierarchy

  • Inspire with photography

  • Own domain and upload SSL certificate

  • Choose a reliable domain host

  • Plan for future growth

  • Design graphics

  • Compare and reference competitors

  • Use your website to tell a story

  • Make text on website easy to read

    • Clear and concise copywriting

  • Make it easy for visitors to contact you

  • Implement video as much as possible

  • Optimize page speed performance

  • Implement on-page SEO strategies

What does website design consist of?

Website design entails various marketing skills and strategies used to market a business on the internet. The different skill sets consisting in the development of a website include graphic design, user interface design, copywriting, JavaScript, HTML, and Search Engine Optimization.

What does website development consist of?

A website developer builds and maintains websites to represent a brand, individual, or organization. We are familiar with many website development softwares and programming languages including WordPress, ClickFunnels, Shopify, Squarespace, JavaScript, HTM, and C++ .

Running a website development agency takes design knowledge, professional equipment, and attention to detail. Our designers have experience in software programming, websites, logos, graphics mockups, marketing flyers and more.


Search Engine Optimization is the process of deliberately ranking a website in Google’s organic search engine results for specific keywords. Search Engine Marketing is a Pay Per Click strategy where you create campaigns and target specific keywords for your add to be triggered. When people click your add in Search Engine Marketing campaigns, depending on the competitiveness of that keyword, each click on ad costs money.

What do social media campaigns do?

Social media campaigns help businesses (1) maintain a consistent and engaging feed and (2) run Pay Per Click social media ads to targeted audience promoting product or service. Posting content is always a good idea but with a proper social media campaign, there is always a defined objective, purpose, and call to action in order to keep an engaging social media presence.

Is SEO worth paying for?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves link building and on page optimization tactics in order to climb the organic Google Search rankings. Unlike paid ads, once SEO has been done for a website, the results tend to last 6 months to a year until the search algorithms change enough to effect the rankings a bit. Compared to Search Engine Marketing where where the minute your ad budget depletes, a direct line to your customers vanishes instantly.

What is the difference between SEO and SMO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a multifaceted marketing strategy that brings websites more visibility and traffic by ranking higher in the Google Search engine rankings. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is certainly one part of SEO in its entirety, but social media is just one way out of many for people to find your website online.

Is SEO expensive?

SEO is a marketing strategy focused on increasing website visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO is a full process including technical and creative aspects that improve search rankings, drive website traffic, and increase brand awareness. SEO is one of the most highly sought after marketing skills in the industry today…if it yields results. Luckily our SEO packages are priced based off of the number of keywords you want to rank for.

What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

The biggest difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is that the website traffic from organic search results is free whereas the traffic generated by paid ads costs per click…as the name implies.

What is the difference between PPC and Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is a service that allows merchants and advertisers to create Pay Per Click (PPC) ads on the Google Search engine for any keyword they’d like. Google Adwords charges every time a user clicks on the add to view more and visit the destination url.

What do SEO agencies actually perform on my website?

An SEO agency performs search engine optimization to business’s websites in order to improve their visibility online. Search engine optimization is the process of outranking your competitors is search engine results by manipulating a given website to appear as the most relevant and authoritative result for search algorithms to rank for specific keywords.

Can small businesses use Google Adwords?

Absolutely, 100$ they can! Google Ads is a great was to reach new customers already searching for your product or service on the web. The advertising platform holds 97% of Google’s revenue. Launching an effective Google Ads campaigns can be extremely confusing the first time around. Our PPC packages are molded around the objective of each business - get new customers.


PPC and CPC and most commonly known within the online advertising community. Specifically, PPC is used to refer to the actual type of advertising program whereas CPC is referring to the cost per click in a given advertising campaign.

How is Cost Per Click (CPC) determined in a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign?

Your cost per click is determined by several factors, including your maximum bid, your quality score, and the ad rank of the other advertisers bidding for the same keyword, as illustrated below: your CPC is an important metric because those clicks, and costs, add up fast.

Cost Per Click (PPC) Advertising Example

How can you improve your Click Through Rate (CTR)?

  1. Generate urgency with limited offer

  2. Incorporate add extensions to used online real estate

  3. Put main keyword your bidding for in the url of the advertisement

  4. Include a clear and concise call to action

  5. Get to know the audience your advertising to before you write copy

How much is a WordPress website?

A custom developed WordPress website all greatly varies depending on the business’s requirements, budget, and the website development agency’s rates. As an industry standard, you could get away with beautiful business website for under $1,000. More complex custom WordPress websites can be anywhere from to $2,500 - $5,00. But don’t worry, our most advanced custom WordPress development package is only $1,800 and we have proof they hold up competitively against the even more expensive websites.

Is Wordpress better for SEO?

Yes! When it comes to developing a website with a software that does the best job organizing structural content for Google to crawl and index the website in the search engine, we recommend Wordpress for it’s SEO compatibility. However, we’ve built and ranked Squarespace websites too with our 5 step SEO methodology.

How long does it take to build a website?

Most of EZJ Online website development packages take less than 1 month from start to finish. Usually more advanced websites with content being written or photo shoots being organized still tend to meet the 30 day mark.

What are some reliable SEO tools?

  • Majestic: Marketing SEO Tools.

  • Google Trends: SEO Checker Tool.

  • SEOQuake: Free SEO Tools.

  • Siteliner: SEO Analysis Tool.

  • Fat Rank: SEO Tools.

  • Keywords Everywhere: SEO Keyword Tool.

  • Screaming Frog: SEO Tools Online.

  • CORA: Advanced SEO Tools.

  • Incognito tab on Chrome to test un-cookied searches

How can I improve my website’s SEO?

  • Publish highly relevant content

  • Update copy frequently

  • Optimize metadata

  • Create a link-worthy asset

  • Use alt tags

  • Optimize images for SEO

  • Improve your page loading speed

  • Use variety of header sizes in content

  • Start a blog on your website

  • Implement relevant and high authority outbound links

  • Add more than just text to pages..such as images, videos, and embedded content.

  • Make sure your site is mobile friendly

  • Fix broken links and redirects

  • Make it easy for website visitors to contact you and turn into leads

  • Connect on all major social media platforms where your niche market hangs out

  • Optimize content around specific keywords for optimal SEO performance

How do you measure SEO results?

  1. Targeted SEO Keyword Research: we first identify the keywords with the highest search volume that hold potential customers searching for your product or service.

    Keyword Research For SEO: The Definitive SEO Keyword Research Guide (2019)

  2. Competitor SEO Research: once we develop a list of targeted keywords to rank your website for, we find the top 10 pre existing websites that are already ranking for these keywords.

  3. Competitor SEO Analysis: we determine why Google is showing these websites for and strategically make an SEO roadmap to optimize website to same capacity as it climbs to the top of the search rankings.

What is an SEO backlink?

Links have always affected how a search engine perceives a website. The type of pages that link back to your site can have a significant impact on your brand's visibility and traffic. Link building processes have changed as search engines evolve, and you need to make sure the links to your website are "good" ones that improve its standing with search engines and online customers alike.

Link building for SEO: The Definitive Backlink Guide of 2019

What do SEO audits do?

SEO audits perform crawls on your website to represent a final report on how well your existing web presence relates to industry best practices. An SEO audit is the very first step in developing an SEO roadmap that will have measurable progress reports. The initial advantage of performing SEO audits is gaining an understanding of the foundational errors affecting your websites organic search performance.

Is Google My Business Free?

Google My Business is a free Google service for local businesses, groups, and organizations to represent themselves across the google network (including Google Search and Google Maps). By creating a Google My Business listing, businesses are able to be seen when local searches are made into Google. Google will not require you to pay for your Google Business Listing to remain active. Your Google listing is free and can be managed and optimized by you, the business owner at no cost.

How do you verify your Google business account?

  1. Sign in to Google My Business.

  2. Choose the business you’d like to verify, then click Verify now.

  3. Make sure you can answer the business phone number to receive verification code.

  4. Click Verify by phone to get code via an automated message to your phone

Enter the code from the message.

What’s the point of Google My Business?

Optimizing your businesses Google My Business page is extremely beneficial in growing your online presence. Since 98% of searches online are made on Google, so if your business doesn’t take the opportunity to create a free listing to show up for local searches than someone else will.

How do I optimize Google My Business Listings for SEO?

  1. Make sure your business information is accurate, up to date, and synchronized across web. Use this tool to see if your local business listings are consistent.

Google My Business listings are multifaceted so let’s start with the core business information that should be incorporated for optimal SEO performance:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone Number

  • Website

  • Description

  • Category

  • Attributes

2. Solicit reviews and reply back to them

3. Allow customers to book appointments on Google My Business listing

4. Consistently post event updates, products, and offers on listing

5. Use insights and study audience and create conversion goals with Google Analytics

EZJ Online is an Albuquerque Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Agency that specializes in helping business owners use their website to acquire more targeted customers to their business through the use of a variety of digital marketing strategies.